“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi

Are you a young person wanting to prove yourself? 

            Are you finding that drugs/alcohol, the over use of social media or other risky behaviors are your only ways to do so?

                       Are you feeling utterly alone even though your are highly connected?

                                 Are you not sure what you are meant to do in this world?

Connect to Yourself  • Discover Your Purpose •  Step Into Your Life


Find out what IT means for You to be an adult in our society.

It's Important.  We Need You.

Nearly every culture on the planet shows evidence of a ceremonial marking of the passage from youth to adulthood, undertaken consciously, and witnessed by the community. An initiation marks a passage into adulthood and confirms they are not only meaningful participants in the larger world but important individuals with gifts that invite change into the world! Often young people take matters into their own hands, resulting in a confusing attempt at self-initiation, testing themselves by going to extremes or conforming to a life without much authentic meaning.  These youth programs invited self-knowing and a authentic expression of who you are born to be.

Adolescents will be met, challenged, inspired, and mentored into adulthood through Oaks Counsel. This marking of transitions is significant for the youth, as well as for the family and for the entire community.


UPCOMING Youth and Young Adult Programs

Harvesting Heroes Teen


First Sundays Starting October 7th -June 2nd

LOCATIONs Vary/10am-4pm

A 9 month program for 14-19 years olds.  Adolescents will learn about and experience nature and themselves in a new way while participating in exercises that explore how community and the earth are uniquely present in their lives.  During the year, participants have the option of creating their own program in addition to these weekly meetings, the program they create can can include individual sessions, family sessions, life skills development and/or mentorship.  Plus an in-depth preparation for the 10 day quest with 3 days solo fast in the wilderness and the sharing of your quest experience as it informs your future.

Program begins in October 1st, meeting every first Sunday and ends in June
Initial consultation and interview is required and free
Cost: $1500 first payment for 3 months, afterward $500 per month, please inquire about possible scholarships

What you are getting for the Cost:

  • Monthly in-depth day quest sessions
  • Plus individual and/or family session, mentor texting or calls as needed: (regularly priced at $100/session)
  • Plus the tuition for a QUEST experience at the completion of the program (a $1000 value)

That's 8 day quest sessions, up to 4 individual/family mentorship sessions, and a full 10 day quest experience for the price of 5 individual sessions a month!  That's a Steal! 


from 500.00
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Teen Quest

June 30-July 9, 2018

Location TBA

Are you a teenager about to transition from elementary to high school?  or high school to college?  Are you navigating a new way of being in the world?  A new relationship dynamic with families, friends, a girlfriend/boyfriend?  Are you struggling with additions to food, technology, substances? Maybe you're experiencing your first job or car accident or thinking of giving up on school?  Or a consistent feeling of being lost, not knowing your purpose in life or what life has to offer you? 

For ages, indigenous cultures have offered rites of passage experiences to youth as they come into a new phase of their life.  This has been lost in the modern age, and the culture has suffered for it.  

Join Oaks Counsel for a 10 day Wilderness Quest.  

This includes acknowledging your life, challenges and successes, desires, and wishes, being witnessed by a group of your peers, a 3 day solo fast in nature, a the process of how you will take what you have learned forward in your life.  

from 500.00
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You Matter Mentoring

Begin at anytime

MeeTing Places Can Vary

A great mentor has a knack for making us think we are better than we think we are. They force us to have a good opinion of ourselves, let us know they believe in us. They make us get more out of ourselves, and once we learn how good we really are, we never settle for anything less than our very best". - The Prometheus Foundation

Mentoring is a powerfully effective approach to guiding people on their journey.  This is a model that promotes the richness or growth that can happen in a mutually respectful and sharing relationship, using creative and innovative ways to help teach and instill resiliency and understanding and skills of personal inventiveness toward a dynamic and resourceful life.

This is not problem based psychotherapy, this relationship is one based on positive interactions or support and mutual sharing which can inspire and engage clients on a different level.  Mentoring is designed to give clients experiences and learning they need to develop maturity that explores how they can lead extraordinary lives!


A guaranteed availability for a minimum of three personal appointments per month (in person or via video-call or phone)

UNLIMITED text, email, IM and phone support as things come up and input is needed. Yes, Monthly Comprehensive clients can text or call whenever they want.

Consultation and Support for parents, as well as family meetings when this is necessary.

It includes visits to schools as an advocate, or even going to just be a spectator at a show or game to be a supporter.

I will also take the initiative to lead the relationship and the work we are doing. This is an enormous benefit. Once I am clear about what my client wants, I begin leading the journey to getting there.  Because I am so invested in ensuring your success, you can be certain that I will be a step ahead of you every step of the way. 

When the occasional situation arises that needs extra time and support, extra time and support will be made available

Clients can meet me for lunch, go for walks, etc... 

They receive emails and texts from me that reinforce the work we are doing.  These messages offer encouragement and support and  help my clients not just stay on course, but to propel into a thriving future

Monthly Investment:  $500/month    $450/month minimum 3 month commitment.  

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