Why Oaks?

Intention and Impact

There is a lot we learn from the Oak.  The Oak is a deciduous tree (a tree that looses it’s leafs in the autumn).  Deciduous means “falling off at maturity”, “the dropping of a part that is no longer needed”.  The Oak itself is a powerful tree of balance, purpose and strength; it teaches us how to be in alignment with our goals, asks us to integrate our potential into all aspects of ourselves: spiritually, mentally, and physically.  It is a soul tree that teaches us to listen to ourselves, to prevail against all odds through an open mind and generous spirit.  Oaks tend to endure what others cannot, it remains strong through challenges. This is the intention of Oaks Counsel.  Offering people of all ages an opportunity to be seen as they move into maturity and go through the process of dropping what is no longer serving them, to help them find balance and purpose and personal strength in their process of becoming.  Through therapy, initiation, and ceremony practices each unique individual’s deep personal process as well as their resilience and ability to overcome barriers is revealed and integrated. 



Michelle Katz, founder of Oaks Counsel, was born and raised in emerald necklace of Ohio.  During the challenging times in her life, she often escaped to the woods.  One of her favorite places was along the Chagrin River.  The path opened with a gateway of two Giant Oak Trees that met the weather with pride, leading to the openness of a wild flower meadow where birds flew swiftly overhead, bees deers found soft sweet beds or grass, and the insects conducted a symphony of sound.  Through the meadow the woods stood silent and stoic.  The river flowed through and changed the landscape daily.  The path to the left skirted a small hill, in the flat river bed, this was a rare find.  Michelle often trekked off-path up the hill often to sit at the roots of a old Oak Tree.  The view of the valley provided perspective, being among the tree tops yet at the base of a tree offered an deeper understanding of beginnings and ends, the way this oak met all conditions remaining patience and accepting was an invitation in learning about life and cycles, and the cradling of the tree allowed for surrender while infusing a sense of strength. When stepping into naming a Michelle's practice and offering to the world, this Oak came to mind first and foremost.  Thus, the creation of Oaks Counsel.


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