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The Four Shields of Human Nature

The Four-Shields model is based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as taught by the School of Lost Borders, as taught by  Heyemoyosts Storm. Medicine wheels are used across cultures with various interpretations and understandings of the directions. This particular model is used as it reflects and incorporates a mental health element that offers movement and a map for understanding human nature. The four-shields provides a deep and powerful foundation for understanding ourselves. Each direction of the wheel offers a participant a perspective from which to reflect on their life. In doing so it helps us know our stories in a meaningful way and discover ways to move forward in working through what may be causing difficulty.


The South Shield is the shield of beginnings and rebirth, it’s element is water, it’s color is red.  In this shield, the participants can embody their child-like nature, they can experience the world through the body by playing in the mud and among the tree and in natural bodies of water.  It is encouraged that participates experience the world through the senses rather than the mind in this shield.  It is in this way they can come to recognize their innocence, playfulness, and deep connection to nature.

The West Shield is the shield of deep introspection, it’s element is earth, and it’s color is black.  It is the shield that invites us to meet the parts of our selves we do not want to acknowledge.  It is through confronting the darkness and struggles within, that we can move into the depths of our therapeutic work and recognize how our shadows offer us insight into who we are and the ability to experience our individuality.

The North Shield moves us from what we learned in the West into our greatest gifts. It is the shield of maturity, it’s element is air, and it’s color is white.  In the North we know and embrace who we are as we grow into what we have to offer the world.  In this shield we practice and understand responsibility, leadership, our community and how we contribute to society in our own uniquely meaningful way.

The East Shield is the shield of transformation place, of death/rebirth and the trickster, it’s element is fire, and it’s color is yellow.  It is largely linked to the dawn of the day, the most spiritual and awakening moments where darkness turns to light and everything comes alive!  The East is about embracing the nature within through an embracing of our deeply creativity.  It is here learn to stand in the deepest knowing of Self and our transformation.

Through the Four-Shields we can track our process through life with a deeper understanding of our journey and how we are constantly in movement.  Every turn of the wheel revealing more and more how we are the Hero/Heroine on an important and unique journey that connects us to nature, community, and our own humanness.