Rediscovering Purpose Adult Group


Rediscovering Purpose Adult Group

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A 10 month long Rites of Passage process for adults of all ages.  Explore the experience of transitions into and during adulthood.  What are your gifts to this world and how do you share them?  Days are spend navigating through the shields and the practice of incorporation with the group.  During the year, participants have the option of creating their own program which can include individual sessions, family sessions, groups, support and mentorship.  Includes a 12 day quest with 4 days solo fast in the wilderness and the sharing of your quest experience as it informs your transition processes.

Program begins in September and ends in June
Initial consultation and interview is required and free
Cost: $1350 first payment for 3 months, afterwards $450 per month, please inquire about possible scholarships.

What you are getting for the Cost:

  • Weekly two-hour Group session a month: Only $50/session x 4/month =$200 (regularly priced at a $300 value)
  • 3-4 individual and/or family session a month: (regularly priced at $100/session) Only $250
  • Plus 1/2 OFF the tuition for a QUEST experience at the completion of the program (a $500 value, free)

That's 4 groups session, up to 4 counseling session, and half of the quest experience for the price of 4.5 counseling sessions!  That's $450 a month for up to 8 sessions in that month!  That's a Steal! 

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