Grandmother Circle


Grandmother Circle



Answers by Mary Oliver.

If I envy anyone it must be
My grandmother in a long ago
Green summer, who hurried
Between kitchen and orchard on small
Uneducated feet, and took easily
All shining fruits into her eager hands.
That summer I hurried too, wakened
To books and music and circling philosophies.
I sat in the kitchen sorting through volumes of answers
That could not solve the mystery of the trees.
My grandmother stood among her kettles and ladles.
Smiling, in faulty grammar,
She praised my fortune and urged my lofty career:
So to please her I studied – but I will remember always
How she poured confusion out, how she cooled and labeled
All the wild sauces of the brimming year.

Grandmothers are important and meaningful figures in the lives of humans.  The matriarchy of our lineage is held in the heart, hands and soul of a grandmother.  Elders once gathered in circles to share the rich stories o their lives to inspire the youngers and each other.  These are stories of a life fully lived, and all the sucesses, failures and wisdoms gained along the way.  This is a gathering for Elder women, be it as holders of children or grandchildren or creators in all other ways. Share your story and how it weaves into the great myth of humanity; Share your voice in the strength of Elderhood and how to live into this phase of life!






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