Oaks Counsel imagines a world of Mature, Healthy, Purposeful Adults Experiencing positive life-phase changes.  We are creating This by offering the Santa Fe community Nature-based healing and Rites-of Passage.

We offer Nature based Life Mentorship and programs for:

Adolescence and young adults moving into adulthood

Those moving through relationship changes: marriage, separation, divorce, breakups/unions

Those facing career changes

Those navigating retirement

Those experiencing a significant loss

Addicts ready for recovery: alcohol, drugs, technology

Let us help you find meaning during these challenging times.

Re-Inspire Your Life Purpose • Uncover Your Unique Gifts • Find Closure & Celebrate Renewal • Feel Connected • Discover What's Next



Across different cultures practices of passage are used to mark a transition in an individual’s life.  Our modern day western culture often lacks these practices, leaving each of us to stumble through finding our own way and meaning at these important milestones in life.  For some, the draw to participate in initiations to help ease a difficult passage may lead to the creation of disruptive behaviors, unhealthy patterns and bigger questions or less confidence about our life purpose before, during and after the transition.  Through Oaks Counsel, one can find a safe space to explore what is being left go of, what is waiting to come into our life, and how we can fully love our unique inner truths.


"Rites of Passage: Mentoring the Future" by Warrior Films, has a 12 minute video speaking to the importance of rites of passage for adolescents and its positive impact not only on individuals but on our communities as a whole.  Additionally, this is applicable to the uninitiated adults of our culture and communities, as they were not given an meaningful initiation experience.

Why is this important?  As we mark life phase changes, we celebrate and acknowledge our growth into who we are.  When we live into who we are, we create a culture and community of purposeful living.  This is true not only pf teenagers becoming adults, but of all the transofrmational moments we navigate in life.



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