Michelle is a natural healer. I loved watching her work with my students at the college. She has a natural gift of touching the heart of anyone she comes in contact with. I highly recommend signing up for her events and embracing the touch of spirit as it manifests through her heartfelt work.
— Joe Cavanaugh, Sierra College Psychology Professor and MFT
I have sat and witnessed Michelle’s work with young women on a 4 day Rite of Passage. She is skillful at listening with the third ear, and speaking from a heart that is compassionate and wise beyond her years. I highly recommend any of her programs.
— Judy Lay, An Elder and Healer, Rites of Passage Participant, 75 years old
I liked the mythology that was incorporated into what we were learning about ourselves. I was so comfortable with Michelle, she made it a confidential and trusting environment for everyone. This was a very special experience for me and the people I shared it with.
— Rite of Passage Participant, 15 years old
This experienced offered community, new friends, and laughter. It was so enjoyable, beautiful calming, funny. I met people who opened my heart and taught me incredible things through amazing stories.
— Rite of Passage Participant, 23 years old
I came into this experience not sure what to expect and left with a sense of belonging and calm that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I am really glad I did this.
— Rite of Passage Participant, Age 53
I liked the bonding and trust that was created, it allowed me to talk without feeling judged. I also loved the stories. I wish we had more time together. I had a fantastic experience. It really touched my heart and I will always be grateful.
— Rite of Passage Participant, Age 44
I love how easy it was to talk to Michelle, get to know her and her getting to know us. I had a great experience. Anyone going through a difficult time would get a lot out of this experience!!
— Rite of Passage Participant, Age 22
I was hesitant at first, but once I met Michelle those hesitations disappeared. She so obviously loves her work and can really use it to make an impact on people and where they are with themselves and the world. After experiencing one of her wilderness quests I was blown away. Exciting and grounding at the same time. A peaceful journey. One I can recommend.
— Rite of Passage Participant, Age 52
When I was looking for a Rite of Passage experience for my 14 year old son, I heard about Oaks Counsel. Michelle is working with him individually now, and our whole family will participate in a family weekend and my son will be doing her 10-day quest in June. In the meantime, Michelle has shared with me some of the experiences she creates for young people and families. These are profoundly meaningful activities that connect us to each other, to nature, and to our own natures in ways that are truly life changing. I have quite a bit of experience with transformational programs for youth and Michelle is really in the vanguard of those wanting to make an impact on the spiritual and emotional health of families. Michelle has a deep Knowing of our connections to the Earth, and incredible skill at creating experiences that are both healing and facilitative of self-understanding.
— Parent of Rite of Passage Participant