“Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves”
— Atticus

Connect to Yourself  • Discover Your Purpose •  Step Into Your Life

Mentoring is a powerfully effective approach to guiding people on their journey.  This is a model that promotes the richness or growth that can happen in a mutually respectful and sharing relationship, using creative and innovative ways to help teach and instill resiliency and understanding and skills of personal inventiveness toward a dynamic and resourceful life.

This is not problem based psychotherapy, this relationship is one based on positive interactions or support and mutual sharing which can inspire and engage clients on a different level.  Mentoring is designed to give clients experiences and learning they need to develop maturity that explores how they can lead extraordinary lives!


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A guaranteed  minimum of three personal appointments per month (in person or via video-call or phone)

UNLIMITED text, email, IM and phone support as things come up and input is needed. Yes, Monthly Comprehensive clients can text or call whenever they want.

Consultation and Support for parents, as well as family meetings when this is necessary.

It includes visits to schools as an advocate, or even going to just be a spectator at a show or game to be a supporter.

I will also take the initiative to lead the relationship and the work we are doing. This is an enormous benefit. Once I am clear about what my client wants, I begin leading the journey to getting there.  Because I am so invested in ensuring your success, you can be certain that I will be a step ahead of you every step of the way. 

When the occasional situation arises that needs extra time and support, extra time and support will be made available

Clients can meet me for lunch, go for walks, etc... 

They receive emails and texts from me that reinforce the work we are doing.  These messages offer encouragement and support and  help my clients not just stay on course, but to propel into a thriving future

Monthly Investment:  $500/month    $450/month minimum 3 month commitment.