We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
— Anais Nin

Are you feeling unbalanced in the ways you and your family engage?

              Is you relationship with your child changing as they get older?

                       Do you ever feel guilty or uncertain about your parenting?

                                 Is communicating with your family a challenging or not happening at all?


Balanced Parenting • Family Understanding •  Re-initiating Relating


Overtime, society has moved from large organized communities to small nuclear families.  The small modern family system model has been highly valued for many generations.  The higher levels of intimacy and nourishment has proved to have positive effects on a child's development.  But as children grow, families must grow, and an understanding of the family members needs to be expanded.  We now live in a time the values individualism and materialism and ever advancing and changing technology.  The ever transforming communication systems has seemed to impact the physical and emotional connections with our families.

Family Passages hopes to bring families together to find the ways nature can mirror to us how we can better relate.  Oaks Counsel wants to acknowledge the individualism of each family member, celebrate the intimacy of each family unity, and reintroduce the significant of raising a child in community by sharing the space with other families through these experiences.






Wednesdays 5:30-7:30PM BEGINING october 3rd
Locations Vary

October 19-21, 2018 OR May 17-19, 2019
SAnta Fe National Forest

Are you sitting in a room with your family and everyone is on a gadget? Do you ever look around the table and wonder why everyone is looking down and not at each other, why no one is talking? Do we get more out of the digital "like" connection than the personal like connection?This is an opportunity to connect with nature and your family, leaving everything else behind. Families will come together in a remote and relaxed environment to be guided through in-depth processes and fun activities enhancing the experience of sharing and connection.

A 2-day program for families with kids 14* years old and up. Families will re-connect and re-establish healthy bonds with each other through family team building activities. From setting up camp and cooking meals to deciding on a direction to hike. Trust activities, a family member impact session and community storytelling.

* The qualifications for this program are more about maturity levels than an age. In your initial consultation, we will discuss the program and determine if it is a good fit for your younger children.

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FAMILY Guidance


Dynamic counseling sessions that engage the whole family in a natural setting. Incorporating nature-based healing practices and utilizing nature as a mirror and guide, these sessions support you and your family in building stronger and meaningful relationships, exploring barriers and difficulties in life and discovering resolutions toward family connection and self-knowing.

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This is a 6 week process group for parents who wish to support their who they are as a parent and who their child is in the growing up process.  We will explore and learn from each other through nature and community about how to hold good boundaries while practicing love and empathy.  We will learn how to hold true to ourselves while encouraging and challenging our children to be fully who they are.

The series begins with introductions and lay out, and moves into the work of the different elements of being a parent and how to use these to provide support, love, guidance, and maintaining healthy clear boundaries while also offering you and your child more choice and freedom.  There will be a series of medicine walks with time to reflect on great questions about your parenting approach and time for expression and reflection with the group as a whole.

Limited to 12 parents.


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