Go To The Place That Requires Your Attention


by Michelle Katz

Go to the place that requires your attention,
Though you believe you may not be dressed for the occasion,
Though it may be dark, damp and the ground uneven,
Though the creatures lurking are not in plain sight,
Come as you are.

Cross every road possible,
looking behind and ahead, not only left to right.
Gathering dust on your boots as you go.
Moments, gray in memory, can be vivid with color
In time,
with perspective.
The rocks in this place took long to get here
and will certainly not stay for the duration.

Listen to the phenomena of a falling leaf orchestra,
each section taking a turn to play that magical music of letting go.
Remember the pace of life
moving each of us to the next crescendo or rest.
Allow the footsteps you make on the earth
to be purposeful and potent,
in harmony with the heartbeat.

Get to where you are going
And then sit still.
It is in the slowing down,
A familiar stranger comes to meet you.
It’s not about your endless doing,
but rather, about the being of who you truly are.

Gratitude comes best
when you fall into unexpected grace.
Here, the soul blooms.
The bittersweet moments;
Provide you an opportunity,
To meet the depths of your humanity.
Love is a muscle we stretch to grow.

The walk may be steep
and you know it can only be taken alone.
When you arrive at the top,
Claim your life.
To be celebrated,
by the those that know you best.