We Need You.

This week we have been ushered into a new presidency.  Despite where you lie on the political spectrum, our nation is entering the unknown.  We do not know what the era of Trump will bring, nor do we truly know how long it will last. It is likely that the events that follow this election will continue to challenge us and hopefully open us up; because it is more than clear that Trump is like no other president our nation has seen before.  Thus, as a nation, we are in a Rite of Passage, here, now, and collectively.  What we know has ended and the unknown begins.

This is an opportunity for us to show up.  The three stages of initiation have started; we are severing from what we know and entering the threshold process.  What will be revealed in this time we must take with us to incorporate something new to the world.  This is how a person, a people, a nation grows. 

This week began with the celebration of MLK, a man and a symbol embodying the civil rights movement.  I recall his dream for our nation, his actions both light and dark in nature, how he was so human as he spoke for humanity.  And with him I could not help but think of all the civil right movement leaders, Malcolm X, Harvey Milk, Betty Friedan, the list goes on.  And in this remembering of great leaders, I wondered who are our great leaders moving us forward.  It is in these interesting times, these times of threshold, that leaders are revealed.  In these times of self-reflection that the question of “What am I capable of?”  or “What can I do?” arise and bring forth all parts of ourselves to be a part of this world.  We need you.  This week ended with an inauguration of a president that brings two important questions to the forefront; 1. How will a national movement be brought into motion? and 2. What is our belief about leadership? 

We need leaders and focus at times like this.  Where are our MLK’s, Harvey Milk’s, Betty Friedan’s?  Where are those who stand behind such important voices in solidarity? We need you in all the ways you can show up, the leader of something or the person supporting that leader, the followers that truly create the movement.  The ego must be moved aside in these times for a great purpose to be met.  This is an invitation. What calls you?