Find a Way to Feel Awe Daily

 "Brief experiences of awe redefine the self in terms of the collective and orient our actions toward the interests of others.....Momentary experiences of awe stimulate wonder and curiosity."- Dacher Keltner

Experiencing Awe is important for the human psyche.   Through what is experienced as awe may be different depending on who you are.  There is something profoundly important that happens in this experience no matter who you are.  We begin to define ourselves in ways that ignite our connection to a larger world, a community, and a life-inspiring system.  And we even grow kinder and develop curiosity (in my opinion, one of the best qualities to hold).  Studies even how that experiencing awe daily, effects our immune system!  How incredible is that?  And all this had long lasting effects in a human's life!

Thus, I invite and encourage you to go out into the world, turn your awareness on to what inspires you!  Let go of the technology and running around working on something and go see the way children play, or stand looking up at a canopy of trees, or watch the river flowing with full force, go to an art museum or watch someone perform a dance.  Find ways that nourish your hunger for awe!  (Once you get started, you will notice they are not too difficult to find.)  You can even make a game of it, aim for 3 awes a day and let's see what happens. 

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. --Yeats