Why Teens Take Risks

When a teens begins to act in ways that challenge the adults, community, the way of life, this is a wonderful sign! This is your teen telling you they are ready for initiation! This is the next generation informing the older generation that a shift needs to occur for the wellbeing of the community. There is a craving to face a great ordeal, something that challenges the teen, to reveal to them their strength, courage and unique abilities. We have lost the process in which we do this. Thus, the teen is often left to create it for him/herself in much more risky ways, all the while craving to be seen and witnessed in their life.

Risky behaviors inform us that the child is no longer a child, they are ready to take on living in a bigger way. The question becomes how, as adults and community members, do we step up to the plate and support them? Risky behaviors are not meant to be seen as a problem or issue; it is the failure of the adult to recognize it as such. Risky behaviors are invitations for community to come together and support the growth of a young person.