Meeting Autumn's Darkness with the Warmth of Your Fireplace

Autumn brings many gifts as it also brings the longer nights and shorter days. We are at a time of year when seasonal depression and anxiety rises. How can we best embrace the darkness of the changing season while harvesting the fruits it bares for us? Now may be the best time to find the joy in autumn: go outside see leaves change colors and breath in the fresh briskness of the cool air, visit a pumpkin patch, eat and drink warm seasonal foods.

The summer invites us out to play, meet people and do new things. The autumn is a good time to spend reconnecting with family and self, it invites us to go more inward. This can be experienced as a large contrast, but one that you can support yourself in and through.

Autumn often brings up the questions of self identity. As humans, experiencing our human nature and being part of nature, we mirror the seasons as the seasons mirror something deep within each of us. Thus, as we see the dying of plants and changing colors of the earth; feel the darkness, cool air and things becoming more stiff; smell the harvesting of vegetables and fruits and those things that decay in the becoming of soil; hear the crunching of leaves, the wind howling and rain falling: Let us experience each these of these things happen within us! Are we changing our colors and letting go of whatever may be dying within us, only to leave the feeling of a cool lonely uncertainty? Or a stiff clinging to what once was alive in us? Can we discover the fruits of what once was alive in us and what will help grow us into what is to come? Do we howl and cry in the transition? Because it's certainly not an easy one. And yet, it is an important one.

I'd love to invite you to enjoy all that autumn brings your way. To meet each sensational shift, challenging and uplifting, with a greeting as sweet as pumpkin pies and acorn squashes and as warm as the fires you spark in you fire places.