The Circle of the Wheel Goes Round

It's been an incredible and busy month with so many exciting happenings!  As autumn has approached us and is now offering us an Indian Summer, I have much to share.  

The leaves were turning colors and the rains came, brief but with purpose, aiding in the control of wild forest fires and quenching the thirsty soil of drought.  Meanwhile, I found myself on an early morning car journey to Sacramento, then on a plane to Seattle, where I met two travel companions, hopped in a car rental and began a long journey to eastern Washington; to Skalitude Valley for the Wilderness Guides Council Gathering.  I found myself immersed in the practice of what Oaks Counsel offers, among others who offer something similar to the world, across the world.  Japan to the UK and many from various locations across the US were represented.  We pitched our tents across the nooks and crannies of the valley and gathered in circle for important conversations, meals, and a deeper understanding of the link between nature and human nature.

Through the practice of listening and speaking from the heart I found myself in gratitude for being in a community of people who live this practice wholeheartedly.  Even more, I learned how to further integrate this practice into Oaks Counsel, I gained knowledge and understanding about the need for cultural diversity in this work, I learned about the importance of rites of passage for a culture, and particularly our culture which watches those who do not undergo these rites take matters into their own hand at a costly expense.  I wish to share this video with you, to offer a deeper understanding of this truth.  I returned feeling renewed and inspired by the sincerity and earnestness of people and earth.

Shortly after my return from Washington, I found myself on my way to Oregon for another experience of great learning.  I gathered with a community of individuals who are wanting to engage in a process of communicating with others in the best way possible.  Thus began my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Life Coach training. Neuro-Linguistic programming is a therapeutic approach incorporating mind (Neuro), Language (linguistic) and the interplay this has on body and behavior (programming).  During this time I learned a variety of techniques and skills to enhance my practice with clients from ways to remembering people's names to understanding the best way to engage in communication with others based on the visual, kinesthetic, or auditory preferences of an individual.  

Just a short week later, I packed up my car full of camping gear for another experience of transformation.  I headed south this time, to the desert and mountain landscapes of the Owens Valley.  There I participated as an assistant in a brand new program for the School of Lost Borders, called The Grandmothers Circle.  There, 10 Elder women, guided by 2 Elder Guides, and assisted by two 30 somethings to bare witness (I was one of these 30 somethings along with a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy).  We gathered among trees, creeks, snow peaked mountains, and ancient Bristlecones.  We walked the land with important questions and gathered to talk about our stories of nature and life.  I learned much from these elders and grew a sense of the importance of witnessing and listening to what they know and offer.  The experience was profound!

After all these heartfelt experiences, I return to Nevada County more renewed than ever!  I come back to my community with all that I have learned to share with you these experiences, to offer these experiences to you directly and with a promise to continue to do so for as long as I can, with the deepest sincerity.  I left the Grandmothers Circle with tears in my eyes in the knowing that this is my life's calling, this is what I am meant to do. I step into my role to facilitate and be of service to your movement and marking of your life.